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Kendrick transitional style blue chenille fabric Casual

Transitional style home in Texas boasts outstanding interior details This stunning transitional style home was designed by architectural studio Stocker Hoesterey Montenegro, located in Dallas, Texas.

Transitional style decor has taken the spotlight in the design community in recent years, but for many there is still confusion regarding what Transitional furniture actually is and how it can be incorporated into a home.

Transitional Style Furniture and Decor 101. While Transitional design is a combination of Traditional and Contemporary, it doesn't mean that it is a hodgepodge of furnishings taken haphazardly from both styles. Traditional furniture is heavy and formal with curvaceous shapes, dark colors, and mixed textures.

If you are looking for versatility in your home's interior design, then go with the transitional style. Merging the clean lines and bold colors of contemporary with the rich fabrics and ornate patterns of traditional, transitional style makes it easy to dress up or tone down, depending on your mood.

Unlike contemporary furniture, transitional style focuses on comfort and practicality, to meet the lifestyle of an active household. The scales of furniture pieces are ample but not overwhelming.

Transitional design is an example of timeless style at its best. It combines the comfort and lived-in feel of traditional styles with just a touch of modern, contemporary flair. If you've been searching for an aesthetic middle ground, this post is for you.