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However, when donning your home in white, but sure you're going to be covered. Most paints today come with a paint and primer in one, but be sure to talk with your local paint store to make sure you're getting the right stuff. You don't want to invest a lot of time and money into your new look to have your previous color playing peek-a-boo.

If your modern home adopts shabby chic theme, pastel blue is just the color you have to choose for the front door. It gives the right feel for the subtle color scheme of shabby chic, which mostly gets dominated by neutral colors such as stained white and ivory.

Modern paint colors are influenced by 50's and 60's interior design ideas and retro room color schemes. Trendy room paint colors include olive green, muted blue, soft purple, hot red, bright orange shades and classy white and black tones.

If your midcentury modern home has a good bit of wood in the design, blue makes a great complimentary exterior color. Dark or light, it will feel well rounded and personalized when you're finished. View in gallery. It might be yellow painted siding, it might be yellow stained wood. However you work it in, that mustard-y yellow is the epitome of midcentury modern design.

Modern Home Paint Colors Eichler Exterior Paint Colors I have a split level home from the 70s that looks pretty outdated and I'm trying to find a relatively cheap way to make look a bit more current.

Reds are great for designers and homeowners who want to be courageous with color. In fact, Frank Lloyd Wright's favorite shade was Cherokee Red. He used it throughout his residential projects, often covering entire floors with it.