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8 Ways To Lighten Up A Dark And Gloomy Space

Here are 11 ways to get more natural light into your dark rooms. Get rid of things that soak up your light. Do you have a dark living room, or do all your rooms need more natural light? light, but you love dark walls, use light paint colors on your ceiling, floors or base boards and

The versatile appeal of lavender is especially welcome in low-light rooms. It has a wide range of shades that work well, from barely-there tints to dusky violet hues. For a more grown-up

Don't get left in the dark with a room that falls short on sunlight. Our three simple solutions for brightening a room will have your space sunnier in no time. Subscribe to the Better Homes and

This living room uses a bit recessed lighting, but the majority of the light is coming in through the large windows. The recessed lighting is giving just a bit of help to the natural light in the day, but at night, these lights will light up this room without being in the way.

Use diffused lighting. If you have a dark corner or a room where there's no ceiling fixture, use multiple lights pointed towards the ceiling and walls. This reflected light provides a soft, overhead glow which minimizes harsh shadows. Candles shouldn't be overlooked as a pleasant source of extra light.

Skylights are a dramatic way to bring daylight into a living room, and they are especially effective at adding sunshine to areas that window light can't reach. Because they face upward, skylights bring in a great deal of light for their size. Consider a tubular skylight to bring light into a room in an area without much ceiling space.