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When matching your flooring to your cabinets there might be a few questions that need answered. For example, what laminate flooring color do I use with light cabinets? To achieve a completed and well balanced room your cabinets and flooring - two permanent items within your room - should complement each other to give a well finished look.

Regardless of what type of bulb (Incandescent, Compact Fluorescent, LED, HID) you choose for your home or business, color temperature (measured in Kelvin - K) plays a part. So much of color temperature comes down to a personal preference, but the color of the light you choose can greatly affect the feel and mood of the space you are illuminating.

The color of these kitchen cabinets is lunar grey, and it works so well with brass hardware. The overall classic look of the design is achieved with light quartz countertops and backsplashes. Even though the dominant color theme is off-white in this design, the natural wood floor makes an outstanding contrasting element that brings the place together.

Light-colored oak cabinets in a kitchen or bathroom are easy to work with because the color is soft, warm and subdued. Almost any color coordinates with light oak cabinets as long as it doesn't

Light colored wood covers every surface except black countertops. Featuring a wide open floor plan, this kitchen is highlighted by cupboard doors on every usable surface, including the matching refrigerator.

America loves a white kitchen. We get it. White's clean, simple, orderly—and, even devotees have to agree, a bit of a no-brainer. But we're here to tell you that color can be a kitchen's best friend, cleverly highlighting architectural details or transforming dated cabinetry.